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LOS ANGELES, United States – The sixth day of competition at the ISA World Surfing Games marked the end of Argentina’s hopes with the elimination of the last two “albiceleste” representatives who remained with a chance at the tournament.
Santiago Muñiz from Mar del Plata was the best, although his path was also interrupted after a very good general performance.
The two-time world champion, in 2011 (Panama) and 2018 (Japan), had to leave his place in the main draw after losing in the very tough #1 series of the fifth round. Muñiz garnered third place, with 6.43 points, and was surpassed by the Olympic runner-up, the Japanese Kanoa Igarashi (13.87) and the Portuguese Guilherme Fonseca (12.07).

And in series #1 of the eighth round of the repechage he was very competitive, he obtained a sum of 10.00 but it was not enough to overcome the requirement. The Japanese Shun Murakami (13.16) and the Brazilian Samuel Pupo (11.36) advanced.
Muñiz ranked 13th in the men’s general classification, and contributed 450 points for Argentina in the team table, the largest individual harvest among the six “albicelestes” representatives.

Photo: Ben Reed/ISA.
Santiago Muñiz from Mar del Plata came in 13th position in Huntington Beach.

The other hope that was kept alive was Lucía Indurain from Miramar. Since the repechage, she made it through the fifth round of the repechage solidly, with a score of 7.17, good enough to place second in battery #3, behind only the American Zoe McDougall (8.70).

The push of the Miramar rider reached the sixth round of the repechage, in which she added 4.00 points, and placed fourth, surpassed by the German Rachel Presti (11.13), the Barbadian Chelsea Tuach (9 .60) and the Japanese Amuro Tsuzuki (8.26). Indurain thus concluded in 21st place, with 380 points for the general team table.

The outcome of the male and female categories will now be throbbing, whose champions will obtain the right to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games (surfing will take place in Teahupo’o, Tahiti, in French Polynesia).

In the men’s competition there are 12 surfers left in the race: six for the main draw and six for the repechage.
In the main-draw (round 6) are the Japanese Kanoa Igarashi, the Australian Jackson Baker and the American Nat Young (series #1) and the Portuguese Guilherme Fonseca, the Peruvian Lucca Mesinas and the American Kolohe Andino (series #2).

And for the repechage (round 9) appear the Japanese Shun Murakami, the Indonesian Ketut Agus and the Brazilian Miguel Pupo (series #1) and the Brazilian Samuel Pupo, the Indonesian Rio Waida and the Barbadian Joshua Burke (series #2).

The women’s competition has 16 survivors, eight for the main draw and eight for the playoffs.
In round 5 of the repechage will compete the Peruvian Daniella Rosas, the Portuguese Teresa Bonvalot, the Australian Sally Fitzgibbons, and the Portuguese Yolanda Hopkins (series # 1) and the French Pauline Ado, the Americans Gabriella Bryant and Kirra Pinkerton and the Canadian Sanoa Dempfle- Olin (series #2).

And for round 7 of the repechage will be the Australian Sophie McClulloch, the Costa Rican Leilani Mcgonagle, the Australian India Robinson and the Barbadian Chelsea Tuach (series # 1), and the French Tessa Thyssen, the Australian India Robinson, the German Rachel Presti and the French Vahine Fierro.

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