Empresa Viajeros cancels interprovincial trips due to fuel shortage in Cuba

The Company Travelers canceled interprovincial trips as a consequence of the deep fuel shortage affecting the country and that in this case it will harm, mainly, Cubans who need to move from the east of the island to Havana.

In the case of prickly pearsthe suspension of routes and the decrease in the frequency of bus trips will try to be covered with trains to the capital and other nearby towns, as is the case of Bayamo, in Granma.

Marbelis Matos Torrente, representative of Viajero in the province told the Newspaper 26 that “we had the need to withdraw some interprovincial routes, as is the case of Las Tunas-Havana, where only one bus exit remained.”

The official acknowledged that, as a result of this measure, queues at travel agencies have increased, due to what has been seen in theThe obligation to allow the reservation of the ticket only 30 days before the date of the tripboth by bus and by train.

He also stated that the Waiting List service is overcrowded and that they have received numerous signs of dissatisfaction from the population. “There are people who They have been waiting 15 days or more for a ticket to Havanawe must be understanding in something, the transports come out with all their capacities occupied from their origin and therefore we have little mobility”, explained Matos Torrente.

He added that these waiting lists include travelers with specific diseases such as AIDS and oncological conditions, as well as people who have a deceased relative, so they urgently need to move to another territory.

The Tuneros also have Concerns with the digital application Viajando that only benefits those who have access to a good cell phone and e-commerce platforms. According to the official media report, many people complain that, when they go to the agency, located on Colón Street in the provincial capital, most of the tickets were already purchased digitally.

This way of acquiring tickets also presents serious difficulties, not only in Las Tunas, but throughout the country. Last April, users of the app complained on social networks about its inefficiency.

“ (…) thousands of users could not get tickets through the Viajando apk. I was one of them. They put up for sale three days. All the wagons of the Santiago-Habana train vanished in less than 60 seconds. When you grabbed a seat, you couldn’t pay later. It seemed like a joke,” Santiago film director Carlos Amílcar Melián commented on that occasion.

Meanwhile, the waiting list does not seem to work in other territories either. A few days ago, the Cuban actor Yunior Vergara exploded on social networks after they offered to pay 1,500 pesos for a bus trip from Camagüey to Bayamotaking advantage of the lack of supply from the state company that is in charge of the service.

The fuel shortage in Cuba also affects public transportation. In the Habana only 30% of the total bus fleet worksfor which the local authorities were forced to recognize the crisis.

The situation worsened significantly as of last January, when of the 881 teams that the Provincial Transport Company of Havana had, only 418 –on average– offered services to the population, due to the low technical availability of the vehicles.

Also in Pinar del Rio the people suffer to move from one place to another. Ariel Bencomo López, director of the Provincial Bus Passenger Company, told the local official press that the entity has a coefficient of technical availability of only 37%.

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