Emotional reunion of a Cuban father with his son in the US

Cuban Enrique Torreblanca was reunited with his son, whom he had not seen for five years and met his grandson after arriving in the United States on a long journey from Nicaragua.

The emotional meeting of the Torreblanca family took place at the Miami International Airport, according to a report by journalist Javier Díaz, for Univision 23.

“I crossed the Rio Grande on a raft, they passed us a section there, the Migra came and I had to jump. The water was up to my chest,” the almost 70-year-old Cuban told the US media.

Torreblanca’s son confessed that when he saw his father he collapsed and it was impossible to contain his tears.

“I made the decision because it is cheaper to bring it than trying to keep it there (in Cuba),” the young Cuban stressed.

For Torreblanca Sr., neither age nor the stories of danger that are told about the journey to the United States from Nicaragua prevented him from embarking on the difficult journey of reunion, although the Cubans who accompanied him had to encourage him because there came a time when he almost gave up. .

“I couldn’t take it anymore and they told me: No, sir, if you’ve come this far with us, how are you going to stay?” he recalled.

The migrant recalled that throughout the trip, the riskiest thing he experienced was staying inside a container with 126 other people, a situation that took the family to the limit of sanity.

“You don’t live, you don’t sleep, you don’t eat, and it’s all the time thinking about that; in the journey, in the stories, because many things have happened,” added Torreblanca’s son.

The story of this Cuban is similar to that of hundreds of thousands of others who have left the island in recent months, since Nicaragua eliminated the visa requirement.

October 2021 More than 79,000 Cubans have arrived in the United States across the border with Mexico, escaping the lack of political and economic freedoms that exist on the island.

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