Emmanuel Macron draws the conclusions of the legislative elections: “A government of national unity is not justified”

France is going through a political crisis. The legislative elections deprived the presidential party of an absolute majority in the Assembly, announcing a second difficult five-year term to govern for Emmanuel Macron. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Head of State met the heads of the main elected political forces. He spoke this Wednesday evening in a speech.

“On April 24, you renewed your confidence in me by electing me President of the Republic”, Emmanuel Macron first began. “On June 12 and 19, you elected your deputies (…). First of all, I cannot ignore the strong abstention (…) nor the fracture in the composition of our new Assembly”, he said. for follow-up.

“No political force can make the laws alone. The presidential majority is relative, it must therefore expand”, indicated the president. “We must collectively learn to govern and legislate differently. Build new compromises, through dialogue, listening, respect”

“Most of the leaders I have received have ruled out a government of national unity. And a government of national unity is not justified to this day. It is therefore possible to find a larger and clearer majority to act , I’m convinced”. Emmanuel Macron therefore sends a clear signal to the parties: “It is up to the political groups to say in complete transparency how far they are ready to go”.

The president is therefore in favor of “a political overrun”, so as not to lose “the coherence of the project that the French chose on April 24”, he declared before sketching out his political plan for the coming months. “As of this summer, emergency measures will have to be taken, including a law for purchasing power, and emergency measures for our health. All this progress cannot be financed either by more taxes or by more debt”

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