Elisabeth Borne does not “ask questions” about her future at Matignon

Asked Thursday evening on LCI as to the fact that she would be “suspended”, Elisabeth Borne replied: “I am not asking myself these kinds of questions, I am taking action. The Prime Minister also said that she did not feel targeted by François Bayrou’s pike, who had called for “the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister to be political, that we do not have the feeling that it is the technique that governs the country. “I do not feel targeted by this criticism”, she assured, indicating that she had “had the opportunity to explain herself (Thursday) with François Bayrou”.

“My objective is to provide the best answers to the French people and my conviction is that this is done through dialogue and that’s what I have done throughout my professional life”, continued hammered the Prime Minister. Asked if she was going to take responsibility on July 5 during the Declaration of general policy, she said that she had “not decided this point” yet.

Blocking at the Assembly

Regarding the risk of blockage in the National Assembly where the macronie lost the absolute majority, she said she was “very confident that we can find deputies to vote on texts because we have integrated their proposals”. “No one has a monopoly on good ideas, dialogue and listening help improve good projects. It must be a chance for France, ”she added. Elisabeth Borne also explained that she felt “armored”, recognizing “to avoid showing (her) emotions too much”.

“Maybe I don’t know how to express my emotions, it must be true in my public life, we will say that it may also be true in my personal life. I think, well, this shielding, maybe, goes a little far, yes,” she added.

Fatherless, pupil of the Nation, polytechnic graduate before a brilliant professional career passed by the presidency of the RATP or the prefecture of the Poitou-Charentes region, the head of government explained that she “would like more French share the fact that we are a country where it is possible”.

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