Electoral Code: Cathy Juvinao criticizes the urgent message – Congress – Politics

One of those who most questions the initiative is the representative Catherine Juvinaoof the Green Alliance. This morning he insisted that with the political reform he is “paying the registrar a favor”, for which he “requests the Government to withdraw the urgent message from the Electoral Code.”

(In context: With turncoat and closed lists, political reform of the Petro government advanced).

“I do have to admit that Alex Vega is a very skilled guy. First he managed to get Duque and Uribismo to support everything: electoral code 2020, expansion of the plant, more budget. And now he also got President Petro (who previously criticized) support him. Impressive,” Juvinao trilled.

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“Representative Juvinao: present evidence that the Historical Pact owes favors to Alexander Vega. We only proved that 4 seats were going to be stolen from us and we recovered them. If you do not present evidence, we demand that you retract this slander that matches the right or lose all respect,” the senator wrote.

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And that, as announced by the Minister of the Interior, alfonso pradaThe members of the Pact already expressed these concerns to the president.


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