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With two lists in dispute, this Saturday, June 25, the elections will be held to renew authorities in the Mar del Plata District College of Social Workers.

The Las Rojas list represents the ruling party and leads to Natalia Lanfrit as a candidate for president while
the Celeste and Blanca space Construye Lista 10, seeks to reach leadership.

In this sense, the graduate Ana Maria Prieto, Social Worker of the National Directorate for Children, Youth, Gender and Diversity of ANSES with 15 years in the Primary Health Care System, teacher at the UNMDP and candidate for President for the Light Blue and White List, said: “We are a group of Social Workers convinced of the importance of having a Professional Association that represents and accompanies us, with an active and committed role, both within the collective and towards the community, articulating with institutions, social movements, unions, university. We propose to position ourselves as a professional group in protagonists and creators of new practices where the right of the subjects is guaranteed by the State through public policies”.

Convinced of the direction they seek to give to the Professional Association, the candidate for secretary, Mr. Daniel Bertone, added that “from the tour of the services, proposals emerged that the colleagues want to work together, we must rescue the knowledge we have in the territories, and from there allow us to propose and influence the public policies that are needed in our district”.

“The Celeste and Blanca space is the emerging space for many Social Workers who want another professional association, with work articulated with unions and with the university, with a presence in the work sectors and the operation of commissions by field of intervention,” he said.

Finally, the candidate for treasurer, Ms. Florencia Medvescig – Official Expert in the Departmental Expert Advice of the Judiciary of the Province of Buenos Aires and professor and researcher in the Social Work career of the National University of Mar del Plata – emphasized in the need to “work hard to rank the profession so that our specialized voice is heard when making decisions regarding the design and implementation of social policies in the municipalities that comprise our district.”

Light Blue and White List.

In addition, they are part of the Mar del Plata District Light Blue and White List:
Members: Celina Castro (PAMI), Daiana Brull (HIEMI – UNMDP), Daniela Ortega (HIEMI – UNMDP), Claudia Barreto (Patronato de Liberados), Marcela Fernández (DGCYE), Luisina Rodríguez (MGP Health) UNMDP.
Candidates for the Superior Council of the Province of Buenos Aires: María Inés García (Retired – PAMI), Natacha Navarro (PAMI)
The elections

The elections will be held next Saturday, June 25, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
The Tables for those who have an address in Mar del Plata-Batán will be at the headquarters of the College of Social Workers District Mar del Plata, located at 11 de Setiembre 3423
The Table for those registered with address in Balcarce the Table will be at Calle 20 Nº 569 (Balcarce)
The Table for registered with address in Miramar will be at Calle 3 Nº 2550 headquarters of Patronato de Liberados.(Miramar)
The Table for those registered with residence in Vidal will be at Int. J Beltrami Nº 50 (Vidal)
Those enrolled in said College who are on the electoral register are entitled to vote.

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