Elections in Colombia: authorities activate plan to protect the pre-count – Crimes – Justice

“This election day, so far it has passed with absolute calm, without any alteration to public order and the voting process has been guaranteed. We have protected democracy until this close of the elections,” said the minister.

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Now, with the Democracy Plan, the security of the voting points will be guaranteed.

The protection of the voting points will guarantee that the pre-count and scrutiny processes are carried out without alterations. “These processes had been planned with special protection devices by the National Police and the Army,” explained the head of the Defense portfolio.

The protection of the voting points will guarantee that the pre-count and scrutiny processes are carried out without alterations

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In the facts, two dissidents were captured and wounded during the confrontation. “In accordance with the duty of the soldiers and the police, (the wounded) have been given first-hand medical care, in compliance with International Humanitarian Law,” General Navarro said.

Navarro also reported that six professional soldiers were injured by a terrorist action attributed to the ELN in the village of Vetas, a rural area of ​​the municipality of Tibú, (Norte de Santander), where the military was carrying out military control operations in support of the electoral process.

The authorities installed a Unified Command Post (PMU) to guarantee security during voting day.

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Compared to past voting days, this Sunday’s elections “are the calmest we’ve ever had”: General Vargas

The other arrests were made in Villavicencio, Meta, for usurpation of public office; in Dagua, Valle del Cauca, for corruption of the voter; and in Pasto, Nariño, a person was arrested for withholding and illegal possession of identity cards.

General Vargas also reported that for other crimes, 28 people have been captured in the country: 19 by court order.

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Likewise, the director of the Police pointed out that, compared to past voting days (for Congress and the first presidential round), this Sunday’s elections “are the calmest we have had.”

“Regardless of what was happening on social media, in the streets and in public spaces we did not have major inconveniences“, the general pointed out.

Finally, he addressed the people who have been summoned at different points in some cities to find out the results of the pre-count that the Police would be there to protect them.

In addition, he indicated that information was known that several social network accounts would be calling “to commit acts of violence, to ignore the elections.” Faced with this, General Vargas pointed out that the local authorities were organizing security in the cities.

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