"Eclipse" presents two impressive concerts inspired by records by "Pink Floyd"

Presentations of “Eclipse” have always tended to signify the monumentality and epic character of “Pink Floyd” productions. This staging of two totally different concerts, in which they will perform all the albums that consolidated the British at the top of the musical avant-garde of the 70s, is an example of this.

“Comfortably Numb” | Eclipse (tribute to Pink Floyd) and UNCUYO Symphony Orchestra

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In 25 uninterrupted years on the scene, “Eclipse” has earned a consolidated place in the musical culture of Mendoza. She was repeatedly awarded for her artistic quality and recognized by critics and her loyal fans. Those who continue to accompany them, filling the rooms in each presentation.

About “Eclipse”

Formed in 1997, “Eclipse” debuted at the Teatro Quintanilla. Their goal was to perform the music of Pink Floyd for the only time, but from there they did not stop playing. The group is praised for its solidity and maturity, in keeping with the sensitivity and instrumental skill and individual talent of its members. On several occasions he has brought the music of the British inside and outside the country. He has participated on three occasions, presenting “Pink Floyd The Wall”, in great symphonic concerts together with the UNCuyo Symphony Orchestra and the Mendoza Philharmonic. During the pandemic, in 2020, he produced a video in confinement together with the first of these orchestras, an experience whose result was seen internationally.

The award-winning “Eclipse” is made up of Jorge Garin (lead vocals), Sebastián Rivas and Edgardo Povez (guitars), Federico Zuin (bass), Juan Pablo Bruno (guitar and backing vocals), Claudio López (keyboards and sequences), Fernando Moncada (drums and sequences), Adriana Rodríguez, Mariel Santos (choirs) and Alejandro Pizarro (general production).

About the Pink Floyd album “The Wall” (1979)

“The Wall” is essentially a critique of the foundations and institutions of the capitalist system. Maternal overprotection, the repression of the educational system, the superficiality of fame, sentimental failures or excesses with drugs. Dramas that can lead many to lock themselves behind a wall. The work also focuses his discourse on people who become a true caricature of self-hatred, making intolerance and totalitarian ideas flourish, haranguing the masses, inciting them to despise minorities.

Eclipse. For 17 years, the people of Mendoza have been interpreting the music of Pink Floyd with the premise of fidelity

All the songs on the album were written by Roger Waters; three with David Gilmour and one with Bob Ezrin. The album was successfully made into a movie. The film was directed by award-winning Alan Parker, who relied on groundbreaking, nightmarish animations by political cartoonist Gerard Scarfe. It was released in London in 1982, at the time of the return of the Malvinas War fighters. With his anti-war plea, he penetrated deeply into the British society of those times. But also in the Argentine Republic. When the film was released in Buenos Aires, a little more than five months had passed since the end of the war. The strong images of the film implied an extra amount of emotionality, after the tragic circumstance experienced, affecting the collective unconscious of our country.

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About Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” (1975) album

This album exposes contempt for consumer society in general and the music industry in particular. This can be seen reflected even in the album cover art, with a photo in the Hollywood studios, in which one person, shaking hands with another, set himself on fire. Thus, they symbolize that when a band signed a contract with a record company, they were signing their own sentence. In addition, much of the album was dedicated to Syd Barrett, one of the founders of “Pink Floyd”, who had to distance himself from him due to his problematic LSD use and totally deteriorated mental health.

Eclipse Pink Floyd.jpg

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About the Pink Floyd album “Animals” (1977)

Tenth studio album by “Pink Floyd”, released in January 1977. The album reached number 2 in the charts in the UK and number 3 in the US. Considered one of the band’s best works.

Concept album, which focuses on the socio-political conditions of Great Britain in the mid-70s and marked a change in style from the band’s previous work. The album developed from a concept describing the apparent social and moral decline of society, comparing the human condition to that of animals. Drawing inspiration from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the album depicts different kinds of people as animals, with pigs occupying the top of the social chain, descending to sheep as the oblivious herd that does whatever they’re told. , with dogs as the bosses of businesses, getting fat with the money and power they hold over others.


  • eclipse 25 years
  • Pink Floyd’s The Wall album concert: Friday, November 25, 9:00 p.m.
  • Concert album “Wish You Were Here” and album “Animals”: ​​Saturday, November 26, 9:00 p.m.
  • Place of concerts: Teatro Independencia
  • Tickets: $1500 per concert, on sale through entradaweb.com.ar (music section)
  • Lighting and Sound Operation: Teatro Independencia
  • Graphic Design: Edgardo Povez
  • Scenographic Design and Setting. Direction and General Production: Alejandro Pizarro

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