Due to the mortality of fish, they clean the lake and await results of water analysis

The San Martín park is in the news again, not only waiting for news about what will happen to the fairgrounds, but also with its lake after it went viral a few days ago pictures of fish killwhich floated in the waters of the lagoon that decorates the green heart of the Capital.

Now and according to daily reports The Tribuneit is planned get the cleaning done of the lake after these images that generated an alert, such as the results of the studies are awaited to the samples that were being taken from the water where fish and ducks live, some of which were also found lifeless.

The sampling was carried out by the Municipality of Salta, in order to establish the causes that caused the mortality of these species. For his part, the prosecutor Facundo Ruiz de los Llanos He also asked that samples be collected, so that they be sent to the CIF for your analysis.

To this we must add that Jorge Vélez, inspector of the Environmental Patrol, indicated that a survey of the place was carried out and that the residues could affect the fish fauna. As if that were not enough, in a first cleaning a significant amount of bottles and plastic bags could be removed of the area.

In this sense, Carlos Occhipinti, administrator of the lake, pointed out to the morning paper that every six months water quality controls are carried out, so that the conditions are optimal for the flora and fauna of the place. He also recorded that during these weeks they had numerous power cuts that they deconfigured the automatic system that makes the oxygenation pumps workn of the waters, one of the hypotheses about what could have happened.

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