During the day this Wednesday, in the Los Lagos region, extreme temperatures were recorded -up to five degrees below zero- a situation that led to the adoption of different actions, especially on the different routes, to avoid traffic accidents.

Up to five degrees below zero were recorded in the Los Lagos Region. This has forced the implementation of different preventive measures in the population until the early warning is overcome.

The values ​​led to adopt actions, especially on the routes, to avoid traffic accidents.

For its part, the Southern Regional Meteorological Center in Puerto Montt realized the values ​​that the thermometers showed in different points of the region. This was exemplified by the meteorologist on duty for this service, Gonzalo Vásquez.

One of the most affected areas is Palena, where the Provincial Emergency Office anticipated this condition according to what was mentioned by the person in charge of this service, Alex Alvarado.

While the Carabineros commander and rural border sub-prefect, Miguel Aguilar, explained how he has dealt with the presence of snow and frost in this mountain range area.

The morning frosts have led the Directorate of Roads to spread industrial salt on roads to prevent frost build-up in high-risk areas.

For its part, in Chiloé has made it more flexible to enter classes from 10 in the morning, being a measure that could be extended until next Friday.