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Cfour men driving stolen vehicles They were arrested Friday night and by not explaining how they had obtained those motorcycles or cars, they were housed in the Penal Unit 44 of Batán.

A 23 year old was riding a motorcycle Brava Nevada 110 that had been stolen on July 31 and, when passing through a control operation in Genoa and Friuli was intercepted by police personnel from the Motorized Prevention Group.

The police identified the driver and when entering the information of the vehicle into the computer system they verified that he presented an active kidnapping request for “theft” in the jurisdiction of the second police station. From the Flagrancia Prosecutor’s Office they ordered the driver to be arrested, charged with the crime of “concealment” and transfer him to Penal Unit 44 of Batán.

The young man did not explain why he was driving a stolen motorcycle and was arrested.

That same night, personnel from the third police station patrolling the commercial area of ​​12 de Octubre intercepted two men who were riding a Gilera Smash 110 motorcycle to identify them.

The motorcyclists were 40 and 28 years old and when entering the data of the motorcycle in the computer system, the police verified that he had a kidnapping request for “Stole” occurred in the jurisdiction of the fifth police station. Both were charged with “cover-up” and the Flagrancia Prosecutor’s Office ordered them to spend Friday night in Penal Unit 44 of Batán to be transferred on Saturday to testify in court.

The driver of the stolen car was arrested.

The driver of the stolen car was arrested.

In the area of ​​BMaritime Boulevard and Viamonte, personnel from the Casino police station intercepted a Peugeot Partener that was driving reckless maneuvers and identified its driver, a 35-year-old man. They then confirmed that the vehicle had an active seizure request for having been stolen downtown.

The man was arrested for the crime of concealment and, as in the other cases, he was transferred to Penal Unit 44 of Batán.

In just a few hours on Friday night, the police were able to recover three vehicles that had been stolen, thanks to the fact that their drivers circulated with total impunity on public roads and were intercepted in different operations.

They steal a parked motorcycle


An 18-year-old teenager was arrested this morning at the San Jose neighborhood for breaking a lock to steal a motorcycle Yamaha YBR 125 displacement that was parked in front of a house.

The criminal could be found and the motorcycle recovered thanks to the fact that it has a satellite tracking with which the victim could tell the police that the vehicle was in Eduardo Peralta Ramos between Carasa and Fortunato de la Plaza.

Personnel from the second police station went to the scene and apprehended the driver of the motorcycle, an 18-year-old boy who was left at the disposal of the Flagrancia Prosecutor’s Office, from where they charged him with “robbery” and ordered his transfer to Penal Unit 44 of Fuller.

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