Dozens of dead turtles, fish and dolphins are found on the Pacific coast and authorities explain the possible causes

Concern and consternation has caused in the population the alarming presence of several dead marine animals in different parts of the Pacific coast of Guatemala.

Currently, with data from the National Council of Protected Areas (Conap), more than 60 dead sea turtles have been recorded on the coasts, several of these of the parlama species (Lepidochelys olivacea) and also 12 dolphins.

In several of the images broadcast on social networks by the authorities, you can see the animals on the coasts while the residents investigate to find an explanation for the unusual phenomenon.

“Local authorities, non-governmental organizations, civil society and residents they are carrying out visual reconnaissance tasks to locate some other specimensas well as being able to identify the possible causes of mortality”, indicates Conap.

It was also stated that they are collaborating with the Center for Marine Conservation, who are in charge of performing necropsies on animals to find the causes that caused the deaths.

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Several turtles, fish and dolphins were found dead in different places on the Pacific coast. (Photo: courtesy Conap)

Possible causes

According to Conap, there are several hypotheses that can explain the event.

One of them is the rainy season that has occurred in Guatemalan territory, since the currents have been able to carry toxic materials that have been able to affect the marine fauna.

dead turtle
More than 60 turtles were found dead. (Photo. Courtesy Conap)

Another explanation given by Conap is the possible non-artisanal fishing activity that takes place offshore, posing a risk to several marine species.

dead dolphin
Among the species found were sea turtles, dolphins and different fish. (Photo: Courtesy Conap)

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“These are just some of the hypotheses that are handled at the moment, We will continue in communication after the results of the evaluations that are being developed“, indicated the institution.

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