Double crime of marriage: the domestic worker lost her job and her neighbors made a great gesture to help her

After the incarceration of Mary Nymph “Nina” Aquinothe maid of couple of retirees murdered in Vicente Lópeztheir neighbors Pablo Podesta organized a cSolidarity collection to help her cover economic expenses after losing her job. The woman was released on Wednesday, September 7 by decision of the judge of Guarantees of the case, Ricardo Costa.

When the tragic event related to the double crime of the marriage made up of José Enrique del Río, and his wife, Mercedes Alonsobecame public knowledge, little was known until then about what happened and precisely the eyes fell on Aquino, the first suspect who had the cause.

For this reason, the domestic worker who had known the retired couple for 12 years, spent 13 days behind bars. However, the magistrate considered that, with the evidence collected to date, It was not enough to keep her deprived of her freedom.

At the time, the victims’ employee accused of being their “delivery girl”asked to be given “a hand” because their financial situation “It’s very difficult”assuring that “it is going to be very difficult” to overcome what he has experienced and that he does not sleep at night.

In this context, Aquino lost his job ande was left without fixed financial support. From this critical moment in his life, his neighbors in Pablo Podestá, a Buenos Aires town of Tres de Febrero, They made the decision to raise money through a CBU and give the donation as part of an aid to pay off debts and be able to live up to date with their food.

Neighbors organized a collection to help Aquino

A merchant near the woman’s home told the media that Aquino performs “changas” washing clothes. However, he highlighted his character of continuing to insist on finding a stable job and that, for the moment, he continues to search for work to pay, among other things, the rent of your home.

Similarly, the residents of Pablo Podestá collaborated with their critical situation guaranteeing you foodY even a cell phone to be able to communicatesince his is still in the hands of Justice, who continue with the investigation process. “We love her very much and it breaks our hearts to see her anguish”ratified another neighbor before the media.

The maid broke her silence a day after her release

After being detained for 13 days, Mary Nymph Aquino He spoke before the media and confirmed his innocence before the cameras. “I am innocent, and it is very ugly to accuse others. Before I have to see things to say”, maintained the domestic employee, who clarified that the relationship with his deceased employers was “Excellent”.

When the woman regained her freedom, the opposite happened with Martin del Rio, son of the murdered couple, and who is the main suspect of having committed the crime. As detailed by Aquino’s lawyer, he maintained that the couple had been murdered before she went to work the day after the fatal episode.

The crime scene indicated a vehicle Mercedes-Benz E350 along with the retired couple, sitting in the front seats and with shots in their bodies. José Enrique del Río received a bullet wound to his headwhile his partner Mercedes Alonso with three shots that ended his life.

In this context, Aquino was amazed by the magnitude of the events and that never saw a fight between parents and son, which was to give an indication of what happened days before in the mansion of Vicente López. In relation to the main suspect of the crime, he maintained that the “He greeted me, he joked with me, he patted me on the back”and if his responsibility in parricide is proven, his motherI would be very angry” with the.

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