Does the mask come back? What can happen in Argentina in the face of outbreaks in different countries

The alarms seem to be going off again in some countries with the registration of significant numbers of new cases of Covid-19, which in the case of Brazil, led it to make the use of a chinstrap mandatory again in airports and planes. China, for its part, established the confinement of several neighborhoods in a southern province and France is studying the steps to follow in the face of the increase in infections and deaths.

The question is whether any of these scenarios can be repeated in Argentina, or in particular the return to the use of the mask in closed spaces or on public transport.

For the renowned Cordovan infectologist, Hugo Pizzi, it is probable that “before the end of the year” there will be an outbreak in Argentina. “It is not only Brazil, in Chile the authorities are looking at which way to go due to the increase in cases, it is what also happened in Europe and it is the prelude to what had to come here,” he stressed.

In dialogue with the program “Pensavalle informs” by Radio Universidad, the health professional once again stressed the importance of completing vaccination schemes. “It cannot be that we have good percentages with two and three doses, and we do not have at least four, which are the ones that prevent hospitalization and death,” he complained.

Later, Pizzi pointed out that in general, all the regrowths “correspond to the omicron variant”, in its different subtypes. He placed special emphasis on the situation in Brazil, the favorite destination for Argentine tourists for summer vacations. “Brazil is very striking with almost 100,000 cases, with a very significant underreporting, and also very worrying,” due to the close contact with our country, he said.

He reiterated the importance of getting vaccinated, even with the fifth dose for those who are part of the risk groups. Having free vaccines, “it is not understood” how many of the hospitalized people had not completed or started their vaccination schedule, she concluded.

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