Do you remember them? Key moments of the Clásicos Tapatíos de Liguilla

There have been four occasions where Chivas and Atlas the faces have been seen in a stage of leaguewith a favorable balance for the Guadalajara of three wins and one for the foxes. However, in these four series, there have been several moments that have been marked in the fans and that were key for one team or another to get the pass and eliminate the hated rival.

From missed penalties, players who make a difference, inexplicable lineups and pitch invasionshave been the most momentous moments and all have been reflected in the pages of The reporter.

Now when Chivas visit the Atlas in the party of Lap of the Quarter finals of the Closure 2022 With the slogan of winning the game by two goals, surely there will be key moments, just as there were in the first leg last Thursday, with two important mistakes by Robert Alvarado and two goals from Jeremy Marquez.

1. Chima Ruiz, executioner

In it Summer Tournament 2000, Guadalajara and Atlas were measured for the first time in a stage of league. In both games, the final score ended 1-1, leaving a 2-2 aggregate where the chiverío advanced for better position in the general table. In this series he highlighted that Marco Antonio “Chima” Ruiz He was the scorer of the two goals of the Sacred Flockone in the Ida and the other in the Vuelta, being the executioner of the red and black.

2. Chivas missed penalties

Ramon Morales on the Going Y Francis Palencia on the Lapwere the villains of the series Quarter finals in it Opening Tournament 2004where Atlas defeated and eliminated Guadalajara with a global score of 4-3. These two experienced players missed a penalty eachwhich could mean the move to semifinalsHowever, they were wrong and had to eat the pride of going home soon.

3. The pitch invasion


In it Closing Tournament 2015, Chivas was master and lord of the actions in the Vuelta de los Quarter finals in view of Atlas, Marco Fabian was uncovered with a triplet of goals, while Omar Bravo the work was completed for the rojiblancos to win that match 4-1. However, he stressed that a sector of the red and black fans jumped onto the fieldwith the intention of attacking their own players and to stop what they considered a soccer “massacre”.

4. The “Profe” seats Alustiza in the lap


In the contest of Closing 2017, Atlas and Chivas they clashed in Quarter finals. in the match of Goingthe foxes They were superior and took the advantage by the minimum difference with a goal from Matias Alustiza, figure then in the red and black box. However for the Lapinexplicably, the helmsman Jose Guadalupe Cruz decided to send theguy” to the bench, which affected the team’s performance. At the end Chivas got the pass by tying the aggregate.



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