"Do not take the playground games": the touching request of the children of a kindergarten

Insecurity no longer forgives anything or anyone. The residents of the neighborhood of Ampliación Palmar, in the eastern part of the city of Cordovacan attest to this after unknown persons entered the facilities of the Kinder garden from the area and they will take the games from the patio, where the kids have fun at recess.

If for the older ones the question was outrageous, for the children it was sad. And they found a way to channel that feeling: they put together a poster asking thieves to stop stealing.

“Please don’t take the playground games”says the poster, which the 5-year-old students in the room, the oldest in the establishment, put together with a collage.

What happened in the kindergarten from which the games were taken

“Five hammocks were stolen. On Tuesday night they stole two and on Wednesday night they stole the other three. Then on Thursday the director took out the remaining hammocks, just in case they came to take the others“, said a mother, as reproduced by the Cba24 Noticias portal. “Now the boys play with earth, they play with what little they have left”he added.

The youngest children, from room 3, were the ones who cried the most when crossing the patio and realizing that the hammocks were missing. The largest, meanwhile, put together the poster to account for the novelty and express, in their own way, their disappointment. Now only a slide, a climber and a little train remained in place.

For their part, some neighbors took the opportunity to complain about the lack of police patrols outside class hours, which results in insecurity throughout the neighborhood. “At night there is no one left, especially in this area that is all dark”they said.

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