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“The search in this country, as a priority strategy of the State, has not been assumed. This is the first time that it has been done, through the Unit, and I want to emphasize that this is the product of the exercise of the tireless struggle and worthy of the victims’ organizations for demanding that this be part of the public agenda, not only of the State but of society,” said Luz Marina Monzón, director of the UBPD, during the presentation.

The Search Unit estimates that there are about 100,000 victims of disappearance in the country.

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In total, the plan contains 18 prioritized strategies and 11 strategic results, and the focus was placed on 34 regions of the country where most of the victims of disappearance would be.

According to Monzón, the prioritization exercise “in no way means excluding territories or postponing the search for disappeared persons who have the right to be searched and their families, to know what their fate and whereabouts were. Organize, plan and develop the search approach with criteria and horizons that allow knowing where the efforts are focused.

This is the product of the tireless and dignified struggle of the victims’ organizations to demand that the search be part of the public agenda, not only of the State but of society.

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These are some of the questions: Who are we looking for? Where are we looking for them and will we continue to do so? Where did they disappear? With whom are we looking for them and will we look for them?

All these questions, said the entity, will be handled from differential, gender (women and LGBTI population) and ethnic approaches, as well as the territorial approach.

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In addition, the roadmap for the organization, planning and systematic and massive implementation of the search for people who have been forcibly disappeared and those who have disappeared due to kidnapping, recruitment or participation in hostilities, whether they belong to regular or irregular armed groups, is being drawn up.

After presenting the prioritization strategy, the director of the Search Unit highlighted: “You cannot search for all the disappeared persons at the same time because there is no information on all of them. That is why prioritizing is not excluding. Prioritization should be read as the organization and strategic planning of the search to speed up and advance results”.

The regions to which the magnifying glass was put for medium-term interventions are 12: Alto Sinú and San Jorge, West Antioquia, South Valle and North Cauca, North Antioquia, Metropolitan Area of ​​Cúcuta, Northeast Antioquia, Atrato, Lower Antioquia Cauca, Eastern Plains, Caguán, Southeastern Amazon, Middle Putumayo, Pacific Coast, Upper Putumayo, north of Córdoba and north of the Atlantic.
In all these areas, it is hoped that, before 2030, the victims will finally be able to find answers about the whereabouts of their loved ones.

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