Difonso met with the SUTE and offered himself as a mediator in the midst of the conflict with the Government

The meeting took place in the middle of collapse of joint negotiations which began on July 22. On the one hand, the union has already confirmed a 72-hour strike from next Monday. On the other hand, members of the Executive came out to question SUTE and accused it of responding to Kirchnerism and of “not valuing attendance”, after have given a raise by decree which is below what the union is asking for.

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Jorge Difonso, Popular Union deputy, member of Cambia Mendoza and friend of Sergio Massa.

Sedano and Difonso talked in this context: a union leader and a member of Cambia Mendoza who has his peculiarities.

“I proposed that in addition to talking about the peer conflict let me detail two projects that I have presented in the Legislature on the pension situation of teachers,” said the deputy in conversation with UNO.

And he continued: “Regarding the trade union conflict, I suggested that extreme measures of dialogue and try to keep all the conversation bridges enabled. In that sense, I offered myself for what I can contribute as mediator“.

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Projects to retire teachers with 25 years of contributions

Two years ago, Difonso presented two projects that are still in commissions and that he asks for support so that they can be debated and approved.

One is about “Creation of a social security fund for teachers in Mendoza” and the other so that ANSES and the Ministry of Education of the Nation match retirement benefits of educators from Mendoza compared to those held by workers from other jurisdictions.

He explained it like this: “Until the 90’s, teachers retired in Mendoza having 25 years of service. Then the province transferred that retirement fund to the Nation and from there the conditions for retirement were modified, becoming mandatory to have 57 years for women and 60 for men. This resulted in the fact that today we have teaching teachers who have 35 years of service and still cannot retire“.

As specified by the legislator, the provinces of Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Santa Fe they did not transfer their social security funds and continued to apply the criterion of 25 years of service regardless of age.

“So I think Mendoza teachers should not be considered second class compared to other provinces, neither in their salaries nor in their retirements,” said Difonso.

The former mayor of San Carlos summed up that “consequently, either the national law is modified equating the provinces or create one own box for Mendoza -I propose that the headquarters be in San Rafael-, so that it can be recover what was lost“.

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The SUTE and the ruling party: a crack with bridges?

At this Friday’s meeting there were also Gustavo Correa -union secretary of the SUTE and head of the CTA Mendoza-, the lawyer Ivana Poblete and the director of education of San Carlos, Sarah Angels. It was a sign that the attitude within Change Mendoza towards the unions not as monolithic as it may seem.

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One of the massive marches that took place last week in the center of Mendoza.

One of the massive marches that took place last week in the center of Mendoza.

While the director general of schools, Joseph Thomasaccused the SUTE of “not valuing attendance” for having called the 72 hour stoppagemultiply the dialogic counterexamples.

There are at least three “Rebels” by Cambia Mendoza: Wednesday, Senator Ernest Mancinelli (Libres del Sur) called for the release of the head of the Association of State Workers (ATE), Robert Malewho was jailed for repeatedly blocking streets.

Later, Omar De Marchi (PRO) interviewed Carina Sedano. and now it was Diffuse who also distanced himself from the defiant tone chosen by the “UCR wing” of the ruling party during the last hours.

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