DIF Torreón allocates 4 million pesos from the Infrastructure Fund to 24 civil society organizations

This year, 24 social assistance civil society organizations (CSOs) in Torreón benefited from the Municipal Infrastructure Strengthening Fund (FORTA), which had a budget ceiling of 4 million pesos, according to Selina Bremer de Cepeda. , honorary president of the DIF System in this city.

He said that the organizations that signed up for the FORTA callThey presented projects related to:

Equipment, that is, the purchase of equipment for the continuation, improvement or start of a project and/or specific area. Also for construction or remodeling of the facilities of the property owned by the organization or that the loan of the same is verified, for a period of not less than 10 years after the date of preparation of the project. And finally, for those who required construction or remodeling of a specific space and the equipment is for the same area to be built or remodeled.

The resources were recently delivered to the municipal presidency and by project, up to 250 thousand pesos were allocated, made up of a municipal contribution of 80% and 20% by each of the requesting associations.

Under the aboveindicated that the System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family was visiting the CSOs to identify the needs.

It is important to mention that the projects that were presented were evaluated by the ruling commission itself, which remains anonymous so that the result is impartial and that was also in charge of determining the allocation of resources to which the organizations became creditors.

Finally, Bremer de Cepeda indicated that the Torreón DIF serves a total of 48 civil society organizations.

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