Diego Brancatelli, another who suffers from “friendly fire”

The journalist and host of several television series, of recognized support for Kirchnerism, Diego Brancatelli, closed his supermarket “low cost” Don Ahorro which it opened eighteen months ago in the town of Caseros, with which it intended to compete with the chains of Eastern origin and to have a better price than “the market in your neighbourhood”.

Brancatelli and his wife, the also journalist Cecilia Insignia, accompanied her father’s project and covered with the promotion provided by the journalist the beginning of what was supposed, according to their statements, to be the first of a series of projects. In fact, in september 2020when the confinement continued in the province of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires police rose up against the authorities demanding better wages, he, together with the mayor diego valenzuelathey opened the door to the premises located in front of the Caseros Central Squarea few meters from the municipality and the Banco Nación.

The premises, by itself, did not hold good expectations for a business of these characteristics, since if any client wanted to enter with a monkey or carrying a baby stroller, they had to climb several steps. Unfortunately, the pandemic, the crisis and the high costs, as denounced by the Brancatelli in a heated journalistic discussion, they did the rest.

“It is a headache to pay salaries, plus all social charges. It is what really makes the difference that we do well”. he had said a year after opening the low-cost supermarket and after having reduced his staff from ten to five.

In Intratables, on that occasion, he also pointed out that “I don’t want it to be easy for me to fire, but I also don’t want that later, when you make that decision, you have to melt because someone judges you with things that are non-existent and they are always right. It is impossible to sustain this. Everything should be easier, hiring people and having facilities,” said Brancatelli, who claimed that “if they gave me facilities to hire, other conditions, I would have twice as many employees as I have today.”

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