Did Dr. Ana María Polo die? The truth behind this news is revealed

It was a couple of years ago when Dr. Polo rose to fame after her successful program Caso Cerrado, which presented a series of problems between Latino families, earning the admiration of thousands throughout its broadcast.

However, new news alerted his hundreds of fans after the information began to spread that he had allegedly died, causing consternation in thousands of his followers.

According to reports, Dr. Ana María Polo had drowned while swimming in the Miami sea, which caused the presenter to also deny this news, and through social networks, announced that she was not dead and was “more live than ever”.

After this, followers were grateful and happy that this news is only working on something false and she was out of danger: “Bella, I am very glad that everything was a rumor”, “Long live you”, “I think that YouTube is losing credibility”, were one of the many comments that could be read.

It should be noted that this has not been the only occasion in which the beloved doctor is considered dead, causing her to constantly deny these fake news.

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