Deutsche Bank distances itself from the financial center study

Dhe Deutsche Bank has publicly distanced itself from the study “Reform Agenda for the German Financial Center”. As a spokesman for Deutsche Bank said in writing to the dpa news agency, the study published by Deutsche Bank Research reflects “the author’s views”.

“These are not shared by Deutsche Bank, nor have they been authorized by the management of Deutsche Bank Research,” said the spokesman. “In particular, Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Bank Research distance themselves from the content and form of inappropriate criticism of supervisory authorities and political decision-makers expressed in the study.”

The study by analyst Jan Schildbach was directed, among other things, sharply against German financial supervisory authorities and the local banking system.

The weaknesses, which he calls “structural sclerosis”, prevented the German financial center from opening up to international competitors, according to the author. The analysis is now no longer available on the Deutsche Bank website, reports the dpa.

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