Despite the state holiday, there will still be classes on Monday

In the last few hours, it was reported that despite next Monday’s holiday for state workers, there will still be classes in all schools in the Province.

From the Government they mentioned through a statement that “The school calendar approved for the 2022 school year, with the intervention of the General Council of Culture and Education, establishes school holidays, not contemplating June 27 as such”.

Similarly, it was stated that “In the context of a situation preceded by a global pandemic situation, it is vital to adopt measures that lead to guaranteeing real and effective compliance with the number of days approved by the aforementioned calendar and the improvement of learning in safeguarding the best interests of the students and the students as determined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child“.

And it was further explained that “It is the indelegable duty of the Provincial State to provide, guarantee and supervise a comprehensive, inclusive, permanent and quality education for all its inhabitants.”

The full statement:

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