Deportes Tolima played “under protest” against Nacional and reported it at the end of the duel in Medellín, this happened

This Wednesday the first 90 minutes of the Colombian soccer final were played between Atletico Nacional and Sports Tolimaa commitment that took place in the city of Medellín and that left the purslane team as the winner with a wide difference of 3.1.

However, the happiness for the paisas was clouded by a protest that Tolima made at the end of the game at the Atanasio Girardot due to alleged irregularities on the part of the Dimayor.

The Ibagué team shared a protest on their social networks due to the inclusion of a player who, although he was sanctioned for inappropriate behavior before the fans, was authorized by the sports entity a few hours after kicking off in Medellín.

Nacional at home defeated Tolima 3-1. Photo: EFE

This is one of the figures of Hernán Darío Herrera’s team, John Morenowho carried out provocative acts before the fans of millionaires in the duel where the ambassadors were eliminated from the Colombian league.

The reprimand that Moreno would receive according to the Dimayor Disciplinary Committee It would be a sanction of two dates.

Giovanni Moreno player of the National Athletic.  Photo: Instagram giovanny_moreno10

Giovanni Moreno player of the National Athletic. Photo: Instagram giovanny_moreno10

Deportes Tolima informs the public that it is playing under protest due to the irregular alienation of the Atlético Nacional player, Giovanni Moreno. The inclusion of him is contrary to all regulations of the championship”, indicated the Vinotinto on Twitter.

Additionally, they published that since the team is in charge of complying with the guidelines imposed by the soccer regulatory institution, they expect the other teams in competition to do so, “So we not only denounced, but we asked for the sanctions and points that the regulation contemplates in our favor”, added the Ibagué campus.

Faced with the controversial protest, the Antioquia club reported that it presented three proposals to promote the football in peace, added to the fact that Moreno promised not to repeat the acts that today they have it in the “eye of the hurricane”.

Tolima Sports Publication.  Photo: Twitter Sports Tolima

Tolima Sports Publication. Photo: Twitter Sports Tolima

“Football in Peace: Its purpose is to eradicate behaviors and actions aimed at provocation and/or aggression among the different soccer fans,” says the initiative.

With this precedent, it is expected that the case will be analyzed and it will be determined whether or not the registration of Giovanni Moreno in the first leg of the Colombian soccer final was breached, and if you have the green light to play the second leg that defines the champion of the first half of the BetPlay League.

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