Denis Solís suffers extreme poverty in Serbia, warns Prisoners Defenders

The member of San Isidro Movement (MSI) and former Cuban politician, Denis Solis Gonzalezsuffers from extreme poverty in Serbia, a country where he went into exile at the end of November 2021 after being released from prison by the Cuban regime.

“We warn of the extremely poor situation of Denis Solís, a singer who is a prisoner of conscience recognized by @ONU_is strongly threatened to leave #Cuba. Guarded and escorted by policemen to the airport, he arrived in Serbia, where he lives in extreme poverty. Help, Denis Solís (+381) 643526028”, reported the non-governmental organization Prisoners Defenders on their networks.

“I am with a particular communism here in Serbia. It is a country that does not give any help to refugees,” the rapper told CyberCubaconfirming that his situation is delicate in the city of Novi Sad, where he lives today.

Arrested on November 9, 2020 after verbally confronting a police officer who entered his house without a court order, the artist broadcast the raid live through his social networks. He entered prison on the 11th of that same month and was sentenced to eight months in prison for an alleged crime of “disrespect.”

His arbitrary detention caused a wave of rejection inside and outside the island and ended with a group of activists and members of the MSI quartered on a hunger strike for almost 10 days to demand his release.

After settling in the Balkan country, the rapper has spoken on several occasions in favor of the release of the members of the MSI, Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara Y Maykel “Osorbo” Castillo.

He has also shown his profound solidarity with the political prisoner Luis Robles Elizasteguiimprisoned since December 2020 for peacefully demonstrating on Havana’s Boulevard de San Rafael with a sign calling for the end of the repression against the MSI and the release of Solís.

“As I am in the asylum process, I am not allowed to work for 9 months, that is, until December… And I work on the left, it does not appear,” the musician told this newsroom on Monday.

No matter how hard I try to find peace within myself, I can’t.. As much as I seek spiritual peace, I can’t get it because half of me is still in prison,” Solís González said at the end of May, referring to the convictions of the three activists with whom he maintains a closer bond, but demanding freedom for all prisoners. politicians of the dictatorship.

From his exile in Serbia, the activist has urged Cubans to address all international organizations so that they “do not stop supporting all my brothers and the rest of the political prisoners of 11J.”

“Let’s continue in support, we are going to intensify the fight for the freedom of our own and the freedom of the Cuban people, which is what matters most,” added the former political prisoner.

This Monday, the rapper confirmed to CyberCuba who is unemployed. “I’m adrift,” described the musician. “All this time my family and several friends have helped me. But they too have their problems and things to pay for,” he added.

The arbitrary detention of Solís provoked a wave of rejection inside and outside the island and ended with a group of activists and members of the MSI quartered on a hunger strike to demand his release, which finally took place on July 11, coinciding with a historic day of protests in Cuba.

However, the violent eviction suffered by the strikers on November 26 provoked a demonstration the next day in front of the Ministry of Culture, known as the 27N: events inscribed in the context of repression and discredit on official platforms against their protagonists, and that strengthened the activism of an emerging civil society, tired of the violation of human rights and freedoms by the Cuban totalitarian regime.

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