Demi Lovato had an impressive physical change that worries her fans

Demi lovato She is a former Disney girl who has had to go through several difficult moments throughout her life, and the fact of first becoming a child star and later a teen idol like many celebrities who have started their careers at a very young age early, Demi’s success ended up taking its toll through various addictions added to a serious eating disorder.

Regarding the latter, the singer has admitted for years that she has constantly struggled with her image, a problem that has led her to suffer since she was 12 years old. bulimia and anorexiaand these are a couple of illnesses that, not being treated in time, have haunted her into her adulthood, the point is that although these problems have been something that she has said that she has known how to deal with through body positive thinking, the control that he has maintained in recent years, both of his addictions and of his eating disorders, now without intending to, it is bringing him what he so desperately wanted in the past, a slender and very toned body.

Last Thursday Demi turned to her Instagram stories to show her followers her abs and obvious weight loss in a new selfie. In the image in question, the singer and actress could apparently be seen inside a shower, just in front of a mirror, wearing a cropped T-shirt that exposed her tiny, heavily strengthened waist.

Lovato let the image do all the talking, as she didn’t write anything about it, and just as she planned, the sighting was worth more than a thousand words, as her followers have been quick to applaud the big change in her anatomy. The Camp Rock star, just last year revealed that in a way had involuntarily begun to lose a large amount of weightalong with a screenshot showing him showing off a pair of pants that are too big around his waist.

Screenshot. Photo: Instagram @ddlovato

“I lost weight accidentally, I don’t count calories anymore, I don’t exercise too much anymore, I don’t restrict or purge, and especially I don’t live my life according to diet culture, and I have lost weight, this is a different experience but I feel full, not with food but with divine wisdom and cosmic guidance, peace, serenity, joy and love” the singer commented at that time.

As now in said publication, many fans filled her with praise, however, the girl ended up stopping those who applauded her, assuring that congratulating her on her weight loss was something very harmful, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but congratulating someone on their weight loss can be just as bad as congratulating someone on their weight gain, I mean people who are recovering from an eating disorder.” commented the singer.

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