Delays in cancer treatment could have caused the death of actor Alexis Díaz de Villegas

The delayed treatment and late detection of lung cancer that the Cuban actor suffered Alexis Diaz de Villegascould have contributed to his rapid physical decline and sudden death, said his uncle, the poet, editor and essayist Nestor Diaz de Villegas.

In a text published in the independent media The sneezethe Cuban intellectual, exiled since 1979said that “In a text published by the independent media El Estornudo, the Cuban intellectual, exiled since 1979, said that “in recent months the signature of the Vice Minister Fernando Rojas to be able to admit him to the oncology hospital for the homeless, and that signature never arrived.”

He stated that to transfer his nephew to a better medical center, four other signatures were necessary and that “the delay of the essential tests probably caused his death, and Alexis knew it.” She added that “The arm pain, which required heavy doses of morphine, turned out to be lung cancer, detected too late.”

Díaz de Villegas criticized the characters of the Cuban cultural ruling party who attended the actor’s funeral and stressed that none of the leaders who attended the evening was held accountable for the negligence that cost the life of the artist, considered a genius of the national theater.

“The health, cultural, economic, police, migratory and political system of that nightmare country is responsible for the death of one of its great artists,” said the poet and also pointed out that “negligence, in Cuba, is only denounced by the enemies of the people, that zombie people who wake up every morning in an ergastula and go to bed with a blackout decreed by some King Basilio who plays with their dreams”.

The essayist also said that at the evening The artist Julio Llópiz-Casal and the independent journalist Luz Escobar attendedwho were expelled from the La Casona de Línea building by those same government representatives who “took advantage of the widow’s stupor to involve her in her husband’s farewell ceremony.”

Díaz de Villegas also recalled moments of his nephew’s childhood in Cumanayagua, Cienfuegos, where he was born “on December 7, 1966, the day of the death of the Bronze Titan and Maximiliano Díaz de Villegas, his maternal great-grandfather, a sad date for the nation and the family.

He affirmed that the personality of the Cuban actor was influenced by his father Fidel González, a bus driver on the Cumanayagua-Santa Clara route, a fan of Franco-Italian cinema who had read Gabriel García Marquez, Pearl S. Buck and Mika Waltari. He also left traces on Alexis, his cousin Raúl Bayolo, who covered the Cienfuegos-Havana route.

“Bayolo was one of the most distinguished people I met in my adolescence, actor and playwright, voracious reader and dedicated occultist. I remember his fake voice, his hyperbolic gestures and his bulging eyes that scrutinized the interlocutor. That other bus driver was, without a doubt, a decisive influence on Alexis González, the future comedian,” he added.

Díaz de Villegas narrated that after his departure from Cuba in 1972, it took 32 years to see his nephew again. “My last image of Cumanayagua, just before boarding the bus that would take me to Havana and to the airport, is the teary eyes of my beloved boy irremediably damaged by politics,” she assured.

The death of the Cuban actor occurred on June 24. Also a stage director and theater teacher, he died in Havana at the age of 56.

The news unleashed an avalanche of condolence messages on social networks. “I can’t. I’m destroyed. A piece so big has gone that I don’t know what to do with this hole. My muse, my friend, my brother has gone,” she wrote on her Instagram account. Alexander Brugues director of the film Juan of the Deadthe first Cuban zombie feature film, which in 2013 won a Goya Award.

“This news has shaken me. Despite the relapse alarms, you were so happy to work. I didn’t think the end was so close. Perhaps this work was the last one you did and for me it was an honor that we were together in it. How sad, Alexis! ”, She affirmed for her part actor Hector Noas.

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