Daughters of Jacky Bracamontes carry crocodile

UNITED STATES.- Jacky Bracamontes is one of the most important hosts on television, thanks to her charisma and talent It has become one of the most beloved by the public.

The actress has been characterized by having one of the most stable marriages in the show alongside Martín Fuentes and his five daughters who have proven to be a sports lover, like their father.

A few hours ago through the account of Jacky’s Facebook shared a video in which he showed the courage of his daughters, because during their vacation in Cancun they dared to touch a dangerous animal.

The couple has been characterized by cultivating courage in their daughters so that they can dare to do things, as it was in the next scene that they safely took the little crocodile.

Today we had a day of adventure, surrounded by little animals, including flamingos and crocodiles. My super brave little girls dared to touch and carry a crocodile, even though they gave me a scare. After the adventures came my favorite moment: A visit to the spa “wrote the actress

However, the crocodile had the part of the osico tied up to prevent it from hurting one of the minors and they could carry it to meet it and live with the animal.

In addition, the artist revealed that they have spent days of great fun and exploration with the different activities offered by the place, but without a doubt one of his favorite moments was when he got to the spa to relax.

Jacky Bracamones and Martín Fuentes have a romantic date

Through social networks, the husband of the actress shared a video where they both appear enjoying a romantic evening, accompanied by Jacky Bracamontes who could be seen smiling.

Jacky and Martin could be seen in a fully decorated place with a very romantic atmosphere, so that they could both enjoy an unforgettable night.

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