Daughter of Matías Bize and Constanza Varela dies after birth

4 days ago, Matthias Bize He gave signs that he was living in mourning. A white heart on a black background hinted that something was wrong. However, it was not until this Saturday noon that more information was obtained.

Constance Varela, partner of the film director 4 years ago, explained the sad situation they face as a family. The little daughter they were so excited about was born, however shortly after she ceased to exist. They called her Rose.

“Exactly one week ago we had to live the most exciting, difficult, painful moment, and all the deepest feelings that we can feel, our little daughter was born and died in our arms“, Constanza Varela told along with an image of her looking at the horizon when she was pregnant.

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The former reality girl also pointed out that she and the filmmaker are standing after facing the “most wrenching pain”. Today they look forward as a couple, more united than ever.

“After so much crying and feeling heartbreaking pain, we decided to look forward, we are drenched in hope, people must even make these kinds of decisions, suffer or make do with fear, with sadness, with pain. see you soon rose 🌹 @matiasbize”, closed.

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