Dare and do it!, the first book by Dany Merlo

Dany Merlo appropriates the pages of Gente Bien, since she has many things to share, and this time, in an interview, she talks about her first book titled Dare and do it! From Editorial Aguilar, which has as subtitle Find the courage to transform yourself and be happier.

And in this regard he comments with great enthusiasm “it is the first baby that I already have in my hands and I am very excited to be able to present them to you”.

Dany Merlo publishes her first book

What is this “Dare and do it!” about?

They are life lessons, and more than lessons, they are life lessonsthat over the years, especially when I left the group Mercurio (in the 90’s he was part of the musical group Mercurio), I went to live in the United States with my wife and my baby in her womb, to try my luck. I think it was an opportunity to get out of something I knew, to look for new experiences, new opportunities, and from that moment on I began to write this book.. I combine what is my experience in sales, which has been the last 20 years with the part of the artistic medium, and a grain of sand to inspire, to be that spark and inspire people to make a change in their lives. There are seven chapters, in which we talk about clarity and persistence, about mistakes and not seeing them as a failure, but as the best thing that has happened to us, the impact, the friends, the people close to you, the importance of them, in short, it is a book that I feel is simple and very complete”.

How did you make the decision to create this book?

When I go to the United States I begin to soak up these currents, these inspirations like Tomy Robins, John Maxwell, Robins Sharman and learn from them. I always said ‘I would love to be that spark, that inspiration’and I return to the same thing, it took 20 years, finally about a year and a half ago that I started writing it, that I dared to put on a blank sheet of paper and start writing the experiences and teachings that I have had during these 41 years of life.

I have a 20-year-old son and right now he is coming to life, to see what he studies, what he does, to make a very dramatic and drastic decision in his life, about what is going to happen for the rest of his adult life, and I think we all need a tool, to see the experiences or mistakes of others and transmute them into the life of each one to make the best decisions”.


Have you ever thought about creating a book?

The pandemic gave me a lot of clarity, I already had it in my head, it’s not the first time I’ve tried it, it’s the first time I’ve done it. I think we are right now at a time where we surrender to our dreams, to what people say we have to do, and it was for fun, life lessons and learning that gave me the strength and security to be able to translate it into a book through very basic teachings, but if they leave a positive message, and above all, inspiration, this is what I am looking for with this book”.

What challenges did you face when writing Dare and do it!?

I faced myself, I said to myself ‘dare, do things and say things as they are, be vulnerable’, for eight months, that’s how long it took us to write the book because it was with a team of people, who were by my side and that they were the people who guided me, and it felt like therapy, where I delved into myself, what I had experienced at each moment and what had left me, along with the sales experience I have.

I went to the United States and started a mobile business, it went very badly, very very badly, but today looking back on it, it was a great life experience, life is full of signs and if we see them they can guide us on the right path . We all have a story to tell and why not pass it on, why not create this awareness that someone else learns through our story, can relate it to their life and can improve it”.

Dany Merlo and her book

What did you like most about writing this book?

Opening up, expressing myself as I am. For example, in one of the chapters I put there that my best weapon is to give you permission to fail, where he spoke of the experience of the group, of Mercury, when they fire me, not by decision of the managerbut because of my decision, because of my attitude, because I didn’t value at that moment the opportunity I had. Opening up to these things, I think it leaves you with a very deep teaching, I think we are in a moment of evolutionconstantly, there is a saying that I love that goes who does not grow dies and that is the law of life, with absolutely everything, and having that opportunity to grow and live, has been a gift of life that I have given myself, but that life has also put in front of me”.

Who is it for?

I think I’m very specific focused. One, to young people, who do not know how far to go because they already have the responsibility of choosing what they are going to dedicate the rest of their lives to.and it is incredible that someone who has already walked a path can give a base, a guide or some tools; and also on the other hand, it is aimed at those who are going through the crisis of their 40s, I don’t know if I want to do this anymore, if it really is my passion, if I want to continue in sales or continue in the artistic medium. I believe this book gives you the tools to make small changes that can create big results. I think that is where it is directed, both to the kids and to those who are going through an existential crisis.”


Being part of such a famous group and then not anymore, what is the most difficult thing you have faced being outside the artistic medium?

The most difficult thing is to accept it, it is to accept that changes are imminent, that it is part of the evolution of the human beingand that what was is not today, and I think that the most important thing is to accept each life process.

What has left me a lot when writing this book is the understanding that there is an evolution and that what used to be today is no longer”.

Anything else you want to add from the book?

To thank the media that have supported me during these 27 years of career, and to say that ‘today I am here to pass on a message and that you are ‘today’ that person who helps me to pass on this message, this inspiration and that everyone, everyone , absolutely everyone, we are an inspiration for someoneWhether for your children, your parents, your friends. And not stop seeing that because life is lived based on the experiences we have, so we have to get the best out of it.

After the promotion of the book, what other plans do you have?

Definitely my priority is “Dare and do it!” At this moment, I love the fact of what the book generates, and above all, the positive experiences, of inspiration, it fascinates me and I am going to continue doing that, it is my passion, it is what I want to dedicate myself to. There is a series of conferences, talks, spreading the word, and also on the artistic side comes the Boy Bands Experience part of the BBEX, with all these groups of Boy Bands from the 2000s and the 90’s. It comes to enjoy life to the fullest, someone said life is too short to take it seriously, so why not enjoy every moment as the experience of living it goes “.

Anything else you want to add?

“Follow me through my social networks @danmerlo on Instagram, there you will find out everything that Dany Merlo has planned to continue spreading the word and inspire to make a positive change in everyone’s life.”



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