Daniel Ruiz de Millonarios, commands the ranking of the most expensive soccer players

The Colombian Professional Soccer in recent seasons it has begun to promote great players and young promises that are followed by some of the most important clubs in America and Europe.

The BetPlay League In this semester he has been able to enjoy the growth of great ‘jewels’ that have dazzled the fans who follow his team’s games from Sunday to Sunday.

In the last hours, the renowned portal, expert in the price of players, transfermarkt, revealed the Top-10 of the most valuable players of the entire BetPlay League, where the team that leads the classification is millionaires with his quarry.

According to the website, the most expensive player in the entire FPC, is the warm lefty Daniel Ruiz, who took first place from Miguel Angel Borja. The ‘pearl’ of millionaires, At only 20 years of age, he has already aroused the interest of the Port of Portugal, who knows that its market value is 4 million euros.

This is the ranking of the most expensive players in the Colombian league. Photo: Twitter Transfermarkt

Borgia is the second with a total value of 3.7 million euros and Jarlan Barrera, of National Athletic, He closes the podium with 3 million euros. Alvaro Montero and Andres Llinas of the ‘Ambassador’ occupy the fourth and fifth place with a value of 2.2 million and 2 million euros.

Sergio Mosquera of Sports Tolima is sixth and Andres Roman of the ‘blue’ is seventh, both with a price of 1.8 million. The last three places are from Joseph Ortiz of Santa Fe, Yaser Asprilla of Envigado and Sebastian Gomez, captain of the ‘Verdolaga’.

In addition to revealing the most expensive footballers in the BetPlay League, the portal Transfermarkt announced the players who were most valued in this semester of the Colombian tournament, where Daniel Ruiz It is also first with an increase in its price of almost three million euros.

This is the Top-10 of the footballers who increased their price the most in 2022. Photo: Twitter Transfermarkt

This is the Top-10 of the footballers who increased their price the most in 2022. Photo: Twitter Transfermarkt

The big surprises of the ranking are Kevin Mier, who has had a great season under the three sticks National and has increased its value by 900 thousand euros. Another one that surprised was Juan David Mosquera, of Independent Medellin, which was key in the first half of the ‘Powerful’ and raised its value to one million euros.

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