Daniel Quintero says that the Court could suspend the sanction that was imposed on him

The mayor of the city of Medellin, Daniel Quintero Calleis one of the most notorious and seen political figures in recent days due to the decision of the Attorney General’s Office, headed by Margarita Cabelloto suspend the president of the capital of Antioquia for an alleged participation in politics.

In a decision compared to the one taken at the time by the attorney Alejandro Ordoñez against Gustavo Petrothe attorney general, Margarita Cabello, has defended her action by ensuring that she has the legal power to do what she did.

Voices rejecting the measure have been added to the suspension of Mayor Quintero, such as that of Gustavo Petro, who made available to Quintero Calle the same team of lawyers that managed to get the former mayor of Bogotá to win the pulse of the nation through of a judgment of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights when he was dismissed as the first authority of the capital of the Republic.

During a visit to Bogotá, the suspended mayor Daniel Quintero granted an interview to Red+Noticias and in it he stated that the attorney general Margarita Cabello does not have the privilege of sanctioning mayors.

“After Petro’s ruling, the IACHR tells Colombia that it is obliged to change the law so that it does not violate democracy, democracy is above anything else, and then the Colombian State, the prosecutor, presents a law that does not she meets the requirements seeking to maintain that privilege, which she does not have, of being able to sanction mayors”said Mayor Daniel Quintero.

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Daniel Quintero insists that the Attorney General violates determinations of the IACHR. Photo: Screenshot

The suspended president of Medellín, replaced by the peace commissioner, John Camilo Restrepoalso stated that the IACHR did not accept the prosecutor’s proposal because it considered that what was presented continues to violate the American Convention on Human Rights and it should be changed.

Quintero also said that the important thing about the matter is that Colombians are aware of what some public officials like Margarita Cabello are doing, who make decisions that are not their responsibility, as Gustavo Petro has said, because according to the IACHR ruling, administrative officials cannot sanction those who have been elected through popular vote.

“This has to send a message to the people, that they see how far this government is going”added Daniel Quintero.

The mayor and businessman has had to endure an onslaught from different political figures of the nation such as the former president Alvaro Uribe Velez and the former mayors of Medellín and current presidential candidates, Federico Gutierrez and Sergio Fajardo for matters related to Hidroituango, the Antioquia Business Group and the Medellín Public Companies.

Finally, Quintero assured that, by established procedures, the president Ivan Duke He had to wait for the sanctioned mayor to send a short list so that, from it, the national president could choose who should replace him in office, but the head of state arbitrarily chose a political member of the opposition to his administration.

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