Daniel Angelici: "Mendoza is a province that invites you to invest and does not change the rules all the time"

The wine business is a family project, which we hope will become a good business. For now, we are buying grapes in the Uco Valley, we have hired a winemaker, we have our own barrels, and we are vinifying in third-party wineries. I did not think of it as a question of image, but more than anything as a family hobby that in the future can be added to the 20 companies in which I have a stake or am managing”, explained Angelici.

And he advanced: “If it goes well, the idea is to build a small winery and acquire vineyards in the Gualtallary area, in the Uco Valley”.

Oenology is in charge of Estela Perinetti and the grapes are originally from the Uco Valley. The first cut, Cupra 2020, is made up of 65% Malbec, 20% Cabernet Franc and 15% Merlot, and the 2021 and 2022 harvests are already underway.

Like many other immigrants, Remo arrived in our country and knew how to make his way in a land that received him with open arms, but to whom he gave all his effort and commitment to progress and grow.


Daniel Angelici’s expectations

The businessman also elaborated on the expectations regarding this new proposal. “I come very often to Mendoza is one of the provinces that I like the most in the country. Beyond the investments that we have here in the group of companies, it is always an attraction. The idea arose when I finished with the presidency of Boca to be able to do something with my children, since I had more time. We thought of doing something that united the family, the friends”he declared.

The businessman emphasized that they intended to honor his father, who passed away a few years ago. “Mendoza was a province very dear to my father, I brought him a couple of times to the Grape Harvest. He liked it a lot, he visited it several times. The idea of ​​making that first blend wine arose, which began as a family business or hobby”, she indicated.

Since his departure as president of Boca, at the end of 2019, the businessman assured that he has more time to dedicate himself to the business world, although the greater availability does not coincide with what he defines as a good time to invest.

His economic empire includes five bingo halls (located in Pergamino, Ramallo, Villa María, Río Cuarto and Villa Allende) and four casinos (Arena Maipú, Victoria, Mar del Plata and Monte Hermoso). Besides is the owner of the Arena Maipú complex in our province. “In all businesses I have partners and I am not a majority shareholder,” he said.

Outside of the game, he also has real estate investments -a couple of hotels in Mendoza and Entre Ríos and parking lots- and an internet company, Vizion Group, which offers broadband services in Pilar and Escobar.


Angelici's wine debut is closely linked to his family.  For the project, the businessman associated with his three children: Leandro, Daniela and Victoria.

Angelici’s wine debut is closely linked to his family. For the project, the businessman associated with his three children: Leandro, Daniela and Victoria.

A renowned winemaker

Subsequently, the businessman indicated that contacted the winemaker Estela Perinetti, with the intention of making a good blend. “I tried to make a good label, they did a job for me that I am very happy with. They interpreted what I wanted to put in the bottle. We started with 8,000 bottles in 2020, which went very well for us, we sold the entire amount. Today we have a large number of people who ask us and we don’t have it, ”she stressed.


Winemaker Estela Perinetti was contacted by Daniel Angelici to make her wines in Mendoza.

Winemaker Estela Perinetti was contacted by Daniel Angelici to make her wines in Mendoza.

He stated that last year they made 11,000 bottles and are waiting for the months of September/October to be able to bottle them. For this one 2022 commented that they acquired more inputs, grapes, barrels, bottles to reach the number of 20,000 units to be able to market.

“I met Estela (Perinetti) through a lawyer from Mendoza who works with us. I was about to buy a farm and I asked her to advise me, we went to see it together. She told me that it was not necessary to have one to be able to make a wine. She told me to start by buying grapes and renting a space in a winery. That’s how we started. Always with the idea of ​​learning, for us it is something new, especially for my children. If we continue to do well, very likely in 2023 he will go out and buy a farm, without competing with anyone but in a family way, “he said.

The former sports leader was interested in the Gualtallary area (Valle de Uco). “It’s an area that I like a lot,” he stressed.

Vision over Mendoza

For Angelici, Mendoza was always a “very” ordered province from the institutional point of view. He was surprised when he came as a boy and could appreciate the cleanliness here.

“It is one of the most beautiful provinces of the country, beyond the tourist characteristics that it has and the landscapes, it is a province that is very well administered. Every time I come here we have a great time, ”she highlighted.

In relation to the link that unites him to Mendoza and the businesses, he determined that it began with the annexes of the Mendoza Casino in Tupungato and Uspallata. Later they bought land in Maipú to build the Arena Maipú.

“We made a big investment 12 years ago. Mendoza is a province that invites you to invest, it does not change the rules of the game from time to time. In it Sand we made 5 movie theaters, the stadium, we try to get national and international artists to come. A 4-star hotel, three dining options on site,” she determined. She anticipated that a gym will arrive at the complex in the short term.

Angelici referred to the economic reality of the country. “We’re waiting for it to change. There is a very high fiscal tax burden that does not exist in other countries. 95% of both mine and my family’s investments are made in Argentina. I have had times that went very well, other regular and bad, ”he said.

“We are very happy to have started this project. I always tell my children in business you have to resolve not to lose money. At the beginning we are going to sell it to friends, acquaintances. I am talking to distributors in the United States, in Italy to be able to market this product there,” he concluded.

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