Currents between the provinces that improved their rail freight transport

The Ministry of Transportation of the Nation released a report on the Mesopotamian line managed by Trenes Argentinos Cargas (TAC) and which marked the best record of the last ten years with 188,597 tons transported.

The segment corresponding to aggregates stands out: 119,318 tons of stone originating in Corrientes and destined for Buenos Aires were shipped from January to May, which meant a significant increase compared to 2020. The total production of this line is completed by the transport of wheat (7,766 tons distributed in entrerriano territory); cement, with 10,074 tons in ascending traffic Buenos Aires – Misiones combined with descending cellulose pulp (6,579 tons). Finally, thinning with a contribution of 44,860 tons on the Corrientes – Entre Ríos route.

The growth projections that were set during this year for the line that has its headwaters between the Buenos Aires town of Zárate and Garupá in Misiones, are palpable with realities: that reconstruction that was born as a project in December 2019 has its correlate in a record production for last May with 48,528 tons transported, a figure that exceeds the pre-pandemic record of May 2019 by 46%.

Various management aspects explain TAC’s response to the growing demands of customers for this trace. On the one hand, investment in rail infrastructure: four light maintenance works are currently being carried out in different locations in the province of Entre Ríos, which substantially improves travel times.

In turn, due to an unexpected event such as the forest fires that occurred in Corrientes in March -and which left more than a million hectares affected- the passage between Santo Tomé and Torrent was rebuilt by the end of April with the placement of 6,000 sleepers and the consequent change of roads.

To stand out for its positive impact was the incorporation of personnel, in this case with the entry of 14 machinists’ assistants, which allowed a greater rotation to avoid delays in the trains. This decision was accompanied by a qualitative improvement in the workplace: in Concordia and Apóstoles, improvements are being carried out in personnel offices, both in workshops and in service stations.

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