Cuban sculptor Agustín Drake dies

the cuban sculptor Agustin Drake Aldama He passed away on August 4 in Matanzas, his hometown, at the age of 87.

“We deeply regret the physical departure of the sculptor Agustín Drake, an essential creator of visual arts in Cuba and the world. Creator of a dream world, of strange creatures that seem to come from remote ages and that merge with his deep beliefs that have given the craftsman a distinctive seal that denotes his high creativity”, says an official statement from the culture Ministry.

Agustin Drake, Ecured

This outstanding Cuban artist was born in a very humble home in Sabanilla, municipality of Unión de Reyes. In his childhood he learned to model and followed his passion for sculpture, managing to enter the Alberto Tarascó Academy of Plastic Arts in Matanzas, where he became director for several years.

Drake was in addition to being a sculptor, he was a painter, draftsman, graphic designer, professor of artistic education and first president of the Advisory Council for the Development of Monumental and Environmental Sculpture (CODEMA) in Matanzas, a city to which he dedicated his professional career and his life. .

In his career as a creator he had more than 80 collective and personal exhibitions both in Cuba and in different countries of the world. He was nominated for the National Prize for Plastic Arts on several occasions, but the Mincult did not award it to him during his lifetime.

He also won the Matanzas Provincial Prize for Plastic Arts, the UNESCO Prize at the 1997 International Craft Fair, the Alejo Carpentier Medal and distinctions for National Culture and Raúl Gómez García.

His works were also awarded as a prize, with his own hands he produced since 1992, The Rooster of Havanaan always different sculpture that was given as a theater prize for House of the Americas.

The prominent artist suffered from kidney failure. His relatives reported that his body will be cremated. He was paid posthumous tribute at the Pedro Esquerré Provincial Gallery, in the Plaza de la Vigía de Matanzas, this Thursday.

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