Cuban influencer Carnota arrives in the United States

The influencer and Cuban humorist Jose Ernesto Gonzalez Carnotaauthor of the popular poem “We’re going to Nicaragua”arrived in the United States, as announced on Wednesday on their social networks.

“I am a champion! I’m already in the zone”Carnota wrote along with a short video in which he is seen celebrating his arrival at an American airport with an impromptu dance.

In the images, a fragment of the song “We are de champions”, by Queen, is heard, which then gives way to another by “Champion”the Cuban reggaeton song the kimicowhich has become an authentic anthem for many of the island’s citizens who in recent months have arrived in the US across borders.

After Carnota’s announcement that he is already in US territory, immediately dozens of followers of the comedian, many of them artists, congratulated or commented on the news.

“I thought you weren’t going to put the Kimico one, I was going to tell you a bunch of things”commented the Cuban singer Divan in allusion to the music that the young man used to announce his arrival in the United States.

In a video published on June 8 from Mexico -in which he showed emotional images of his last moments on the island- Carnota explained details of his departure from Cuba, his first experiences in Mexico and announced that he had plans to cross into US territory. .

A few days before, on May 30, the influencer had announced on his social networks that he was leaving the islandalthough at that time he did not specify his country of destination.

“Farewells are almost always sad. ‘I’m leaving without knowing what’s going on, you know very well that I am the way I am, but I keep coming back home’. I made this version of a song by Carlos Varela that I really like to say goodbye to Cuba, ”Carnota wrote on Instagram, where she covered the aforementioned Varela theme song.

“I want to thank you for helping me grow and for the beautiful support that I have received in these 3 years. It was a very nice stage in my life, now it’s time to improve even more and face new challenges and goals with more desire than before”, added Carnota, who took the opportunity to thank his theater teacher, Massiel Dueñas, for teaching him to be better and to feel passion for what he does.

“I leave behind my country, my childhood, some of my friends and part of my family, it is difficult to understand what it feels like, it seems simple, but it is sad,” concluded the influencer, not without first wishing that Cuba finds the happiness “someday”.

José Ernesto González Carnota began his career making prank calls to celebrities and sending audios to WhatsApp groups. just three years later accumulates more than 267 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 95 thousand on YouTube.

Among his successes on the internet is a parody of the popular Netflix series “La casa de papel” which -renamed by Carnota as “La casa sin papel”- tells the story of a group of Cubans who, forced by shortages, decide to rob a bank. The first season of the miniseries was distributed on the island through the Weekly Package.

“One of my dreams is to have my own television program, either in Cuba or outside of Cuba. I know I’m going to achieve it. And I’m going to watch this interview, I’m going to capture it and I’m going to comment: ‘Look, I said it three years ago. More than a dream, it’s a goal I have to fulfill,” the 26-year-old said last year in Interview with CyberCuba.

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