Cuban government will grant pensions to relatives of the victims of the explosion at Hotel Saratoga

The Cuban government will grant pensions to the workers and relatives of the victims of the Saratoga Hotel explosionIn the Habana.

The process, which will be carried out expeditiously, will be carried out by the National Social Security Institute (INASS) and the pensions may be collected by the victims in June, according to a report by the Cuban News Agency.

Virginia Marlén García Reyes, director of INASS, explained that the pensions will be delivered exceptionally, since not all the relatives of the deceased meet the legal requirements to access it.

At this time, each case is analyzed to calculate the final pension, which depends on the salary of each worker, explained the Cuban official.

“If all the information is gathered quickly, it is expected that by June those affected and their families will receive the final pension,” said García Reyes.

Meanwhile, the municipal branches of INASS were ordered to grant temporary pensions to the relatives of the victims, which are equivalent to 100% of the salary of the worker who was affected by the incident.

The director of INASS explained that one of the problems they face at this time is the reconstruction of the labor records of the injured workerswhich could be destroyed after the explosion.

Together with the Gaviota hotel group, they collect information and documents that prove the employment relationship and obtain statements from the entity, the family and the victim himself.

If the file of one of the 46 deceased was destroyed, an exceptional procedure will be carried out to protect the relatives; and if he did not work at the hotel, that other entity will be in charge of presenting the necessary documents to start the process at the corresponding INASS municipal headquarters.

In the event of the destruction of the work file of the deceased, an exceptional procedure will be carried out with a view to immediately protecting the relatives.

If the deceased belonged to another institution, said entity must present the documentation required for the pension process at the INASS municipal branch where the work center is located.

For those victims who were retired, the relatives may present the person’s data so that the process of the provisional or definitive pension can be initiated, as appropriate.

Another measure adopted by the Cuban government in favor of those affected by the explosion last week in Havana is to allow retirees and pensioners in the Villa Panamericana to collect their money at the bank branch, post office or CADECA of that locality.

Those who lost the magnetic card in the explosion will receive a new one, managed by the Personal Banking Department of Banco Metropolitano.

Finally, it was learned that the Gaviota hotel group, belonging to the GAESA military conglomerate, will guarantee the job relocation of those affected and for family members who are looking for work.

This Friday the total number of deaths associated with the explosion of the Saratoga Hotel rose to 46, after the death of a 50-year-old Cubanaccording to data from the Ministry of Public Health.

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