Cuban government fails to comply with housing construction plan for 2022

The Cuban government failed to comply by almost 35% with its housing construction plan for 2022, despite the fact that its housing debt with the population rose to 862,879 houses in 2021.

the vice president Salvador Valdes Mesa recognized that “arrears are accumulating with respect to the number of properties planned for this year”, since “at the end of October 16,985 houses had been finished, 76% of what was planned to date”, quoted the official website cubadebate.

Of the state plan, the greatest delays are in housing for vulnerable people who received subsidiesand in which they get up by their own effort, he explained.

The official stated that the main problem is the shortage of Construction materials and called on local governments to prioritize their production.

“The territories have to provide solutions, there are, and they don’t. This war is won in the territories, but the territories do not react,” the first vice president added in this regard. Manuel Marrero Cruz.

He said that the demand for housing “is growing” in the country – which has recently been affected by floods, hurricanes and fires – “and we have not been able to respond to that demand“.

The housing debt of the Cuban regime continues to accumulate year after year. In 2021, the government failed to comply by more than 40% with the house delivery planbut instead of resolving the default with more construction, it simply lowered its targets for the following year, and missed those as well.

Yes ok the 18,645 homes completed in 2021 represented 58% of the annual planthe 16,985 houses in 2022 represent 76% of the projection.

At the end of the first semester of the year in Cuba they were built and received the condition of “habitable” 11,997 homeswhich represent just a 33% of the planned annual plan.

The General Directorate of Housing presented a report to the deputies in the Industry, Energy and Construction Commission on compliance with the plan until June 2022, where it recognized the delays.

The situation was further aggravated after Hurricane Ian last September left more than 102,527 houses affected only in Pinar del Río.

In August the housing situation was already quite precarious in that Cuban province, where the construction plan for the first semester of 2022 was breached by almost 50%after of 364 planned buildings, 152 will remain unfinished.

Before the passage of Hurricane Ian, in Pinar del Río a total of 6,347 families had been waiting twenty years for a new house; having lost theirs during weather events.

Last January, the Cuban government recognized that in 2021 89,496 homes with dirt floorssome 8,907 cuarterías and 48,293 homes affected by weather events, of which 66% are total collapses, according to official data.

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