Cuba extends free importation of medicines, food and toiletries

The Cuban government extended until December 31 the temporary exemption from paying customs taxes on the importation of food, cleaning products and medicines for non-commercial purposes, in order to alleviate the shortage on the island.

The official Gazette published three resolutions of the Ministries of Public Health and Finance and Prices; and the General Customs of the Republic, which will enter into force next July and will allow the importation of these products as part of the luggage accompanied by travelers arriving in Cuba.

The Cuban authorities remind that to enjoy this benefit, the products must be separated from the rest of the luggage and correctly identified.

“These measures are aimed at alleviating the situation of shortages in the national market due to the increase in import prices of goods, as well as production costs due to the rise in prices of raw materials and freight rates in the international market, and stimulate the production of goods and provision of services through non-state forms of management,” he said through a Press release the Ministry of Finance and Prices.

Natural persons and state entities and international economic associations can benefit from the exemption, as well as those companies that import products to private management forms.

After the 11J protests, in more than 60 locations in Cuba, the communist government decided to exempt from the payment of customs tax to cleaning products, food and medicine, as a way to make up for the deficit that exists in the country.

Cuban activists residing abroad called for the opening a humanitarian channel to send these products to the islandbut they were attacked by the official press that did not want to recognize the health crisis that was experienced during 2021 due to the coronavirus.

The application of the Ordering Task not only eliminated the circulation of the double currency, but also further impoverished citizens unable to purchase essential products and services in Cuban pesos.

Thanks to family and friends living abroad, the population has been supplied with medicines, food and toiletries, which They can only be purchased in state stores at unaffordable prices for many and in freely convertible currency (MLC).

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