Cryptocurrencies register a rise of 10% after a black weekend

This Monday, the cryptocurrencies best known, Bitcoin Y ethereumregister revaluations between 5% and 10%, after a weekend in which they suffered sharp falls.

The Bitcoin it manages to stay around US$20,000 with a rise of 5% in the last 24 hours. Taking into account that its decrease reached US $ 17,700. While ethereum manages to recover above US$1,100, after falling as low as US$904. one day crypto which registered a higher rise is Solariumwith 11.28%, to reach 35 dollars.

In this way, the market capitalization amounts to US$912 billion.

It is worth mentioning that these active traded down since November of last year, after a bullish ‘rally’ that catapulted them to historical highs. But so far this year they have already lost 57% and 70%, respectively, so the analysts They maintain that these moments will be key to determining if there will be an extension of the falls.

benjamin deandirector of digital assets at WisdomTreestated on Thursday that this market is in a “crypto winter”, although the risk capital that continues to be used for this type of active is unprecedented. For their part, some experts believe that this uptick will be temporary and both coins they could fall back.

“On the one hand, the macro picture could not be more gloomy. Yet on the other, there have never been so many digital asset projects fully funded as now. This trend will probably expand between twelve and eighteen months. Whoever manages to find business models that generate income and users will form the next wave of opportunities in the space of active digital. However, there will be many victims along the way,” he said. Dean.

For his part, the renowned analyst in crypto assets from eToro, simon petersmaintains: “The current conditions of the market they do not offer much room for optimism. Valuations are very depressed after buoyant performance over the last 18 months. We are now back in the region of 2020 valuations, but prices are still moving above the levels we saw just 18 months ago.”

“While the long-term outlook for any asset is not always an easy read for investors who bought at higher levels, what is critical here is that any long-term investment case made for the cryptoactive must remain when the underlying ideas and the trends historical of prices,” he concluded.

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