Criticism of Aguas Cordobesas after the theft of meters in the Empalme neighborhood

The theft of water meters in the Empalme neighborhood caused several neighbors to criticize Aguas Cordobesas for the lack of responses to the damage.

“I have water right now for the fix I pay for,” one of the neighbors said before the microphone of Channel 10. The woman assured that the company’s crew only made a temporary fix and that she had to hire a plumber to solve the problem.

They denounce the theft of water meters in the Empalme neighborhood

However, the spokeswoman for Aguas Cordobesas, Cristina Barrientos, pointed out that many times the thieves, when trying to remove the meter, break internal lines of the houses.

In this sense, Barrientos said that the company’s obligation is to fix what is on the municipal line and not inside the house.

The response of Aguas Cordobesas after complaints of meter theft

“We fix the municipal line where the meter is located, but if the damage includes the interior of the house, we cannot enter there and it is part of what the neighbor has to repair in order to have the service,” he said.

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