Criticism continues to rain down on Yahir for his leadership at La Academia for 20 years

Among the many details that have caught the attention of this new Academy competition on its 20th anniversary, is Yahir’s debut as a driver.

Already adding three concerts as the main presenter of the reality show, the singer who became known after his participation in the first generation of this program, is one of the main targets of social media criticism that follows his broadcast on TV Azteca every Sunday. at 8:00 p.m.

On this occasion it is the comment of Roberto Carlo, former driver of Sale El Sol, which they assure is directed to Yahir.

“How important is the host in a program. It is the common thread that makes the experience of the audience pleasant or not”.

This message was deleted moments later, as many pointed out that he was criticizing the actor.

In addition to this, many memes were also appreciated regarding Yahir’s debut, who has been improving as the concerts progress. Last night, he did not clearly hear what was dictated to him with the prompter, also known as a “pea”, a moment that was obviously uncomfortable for the artist.

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