Cristina Fernández Kirchner cries out for urgent changes in the national government

the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner returned to occupy the centrality of the front of all by ensuring that this space will remain united for the next general elections in 2023 but, at the same time, criticized each of the economic measures taken by the trinomial Alberto Fernandez, Martin Guzman Y Miguel Pesce.

He also remembered his running mate, whom he did not name at any time. It was when he criticized it, elliptically, because in the morning Alberto Fernandez he had said that not all time in the past had always been better. “Those who don’t remember the things we achieved end up with the mistakes and problems we see today,” the vice president said four hours later.

The vice claimed William Morenothe leader who has been most critical for two years of the Government of Alberto Fernandez and his way of exercising power, which he describes as “social democratic”. Cristina said that the unit of the front of all “It’s not in doubt, don’t make problems” and he referred to himself as the “voice of the people, it’s not my voice, they’ve already heard it too much”.

The former President of the Nation ratified her criticism regarding the policies of the Government which she co-chairs, and recalled her message in silver where he had asked officials to do what they have to do but to resign, two years ago, and he asked Jorge Ferrarsi that, as national minister, “I tell the Cabinet (and therefore the president and the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman) what he did in Avellaneda to modify the income of funds to the commune”.

Ferraresicurrent mayor of Avellaneda in use of license, had commented on how he forced the rise of several municipal taxes to emblematic companies in the dock sud area that flatly modified the amount of money that entered him through local channels and how that equation helped him to set the work guidelines in the municipality.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was clearly the leader of the front of allrising above Serge Massa, Daniel Scioli and the rest of the ruling party, to the president Alberto Fernandez he did not name it. yes to Axel Kiciloff, whom he always put as an example of national strategic thinking. He seems to listen to everyone and explain what they have to do. Except for the president, with whom she clearly does not speak, and less for whom she considers an employee of the IMF, Martin Guzman.

In the morning, Alberto Fernandezwho never spoke with the vice after the episode that broke the relationship more than a hundred days ago, since in Tecnópolis there were only a couple of words of commitment in the previous one, tried to get closer to the economic, judicial and geopolitical proposals of CFKwhich will end up being the axis of the future campaign of the post-official STEP. For the primaries, nobody believes that the president is going to present himself and at the La Estación site in Avellaneda this was more than clear.

A detail. Although he did not say it, close to the vice president, he did not like the phrase of “unclassed” that the host, Ferraressi, foisted on the middle class, considering that they do not vote for the popular and national field in which they see themselves as protagonists. “Those of us who were on the other side, listening, were all middle class, aspirational or because of their economic situation. Their parents, uncles, friends, too. How is he going to hit him like that,” an important reference from the cast of the vice

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