Crisis in Cuban pharmacies: 143 basic medicines are missing

The Cuban authorities confirmed the drug crisis in the country, where 143 of the 627 that make up the basic framework of public health in the country are missing.

The president of the BioCubaFarma Business Group, Eduardo Martínez Díaz, affirmed that this high deficit is due to the lack of financing and problems with payment to suppliers.

Among other causes, he mentioned interruptions in supply, a fact that he attributed to the US embargo.

According to the executive, at least 94 percent of the missing medicines are a consequence of the low availability of raw materials and materials, and only 6% is due to stoppages in production plants due to breakage or maintenance, the portal said. Cubadebate.

Although the Cuban government has promised to resolve the drug crisis on the island since June 2020, Martínez Díaz affirmed in a statement to the deputies of Parliament that the solution will not be immediate.

José Angel Portal Miranda, Minister of Public Health, affirmed that nothing replaces the lack of a medicine, “but we are making enormous efforts to guarantee the functioning of the health system and vital programs such as maternal and child care, in a context where Covid-19 has not ended either,” he said.

The number of missing medicines is similar to past months. In the first month of the year there was a shortage of 88 medicines classified as Priority 1, and another 63 remained rationed by the so-called control card.

In addition, 19 drugs were not available among the 110 that are used for treat seriously ill patientssaid the government newspaper Granma.

The shortage of medicines in Cuba predates the coronavirus crisis and the situation is especially difficult for people who require systematic treatment, such as patients with hypertension and other chronic conditions.

The lives of many Cubans are in danger due to the State’s inability to support drug sales and not a few have had to resort to social networks to get medicines.

One of the most demanded drugs by the hypertensive Cuban population, Enalapril continues to be unable to reach all the people who need it.

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