Crash in Torreón leaves one injured and damages for 80 thousand pesos

On Thursday night there was a road accident in Torreón that left an injured driver and material damage of more than 80,000 pesos.

The events occurred around 11:30 p.m. at the intersection of the Manuel Ávila Camacho and Cuauhtémoc roads in the Center sector of this municipality.

One of the vehicles involved is a blue Chevrolet Aveo, model 2018, which was driven by Héctor Alfredo, 24 years old, who was moving from east to west on the Ávila Camacho road.


The unit collided with a Hyundai Grand i-10, model 2020, red, which was circulating on the Cuauhtémoc road and was manned by 24-year-old Sergio Jesús.

Witnesses to the events requested the presence of the city’s security and rescue corporations through multiple reports to the state emergency system 911.

Red Cross paramedics arrived at the scene to treat the driver of the Aveo vehicle, who was injured.

The staff of the Department of Experts of the Municipal Court of Justice, was in charge of taking knowledge of the accident.

It is a cruise regulated by traffic lights, which were working correctly when the mishap occurred.

Therefore, it will be the competent authority that will be in charge of determining responsibilities.

Finally, the damaged vehicles were removed from the scene with the help of a tow truck and deposited in a city yard for safekeeping.

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