COVID-19: When is a fourth dose necessary, in whom and why

Weeks ago, several jurisdictions began to apply the second booster dosefourth dose in total, of the vaccine against COVID-19.

The usefulness of vaccination against COVID-19 for avoid serious illnesses, hospitalizations or deaths It is obvious. In this regard, a few weeks ago The application of the second booster dose began in Argentina, that is, the fourth inoculation in the framework of COVID-19.

The evidence available at the international level on the use of a second booster shows a longer duration of the immune response and a decrease in hospitalization and mortality in the population of older adults and immunocompromised hosts. On the other hand, health personnel benefit considering the increased risk of exposure and the fall of the immune response over time.

It is because of that it is recommended to incorporate and prioritize a second booster to the vaccination schedule against COVID-19 of health personnel regardless of age, people 50 years of age or older, people 12 years of age or older with immunocompromise. As reported by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, then progress will be made in a staggered and simultaneous manner with the second booster vaccination of strategic personnel and people aged 18 to 49 with risk factors, continuing the second booster strategy with all the people from the age of 18.

“The pregnant people with indication of second reinforcement, mRNA platform vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna) are recommended”remarks the Dr. Paola Caro, medical director of vittal. In addition, it details that for people who have received a complete two-dose primary scheme and turn 12 years old, it is recommended, based on the available evidence, to administer a first booster of the mRNA platform vaccine, regardless of the primary scheme received.

“In boys and girls who received only one dose of the COVID vaccine when they turned 12, the primary schedule will be continued with the same vaccine, completing the homologous schedule, and for the booster, a vaccine with an mRNA platform will be used,” says Dr. . Expensive.

Regarding a fifth dosefrom the Ministry of Health of CABA it was recently reported that it is “likely” that the second booster dose “will be the last” of 2022 for the vast majority of the population, and the next vaccination campaign would start next fall. In addition, it was noted that so far no country applied more than four doses.

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