COVID-19 outbreaks detected in 18 schools in Durango, 5 in La Laguna

In a total of 18 schools in the state of Durango, including 5 in the Laguna region, outbreaks of COVID-19 have been detected, as well as isolated cases, a situation that has forced the closure of three schools and a return to remote mode.

This was announced by the director of State Health Services, Blanca Estela Luna Gualito, when leading the virtual press conference on behalf of the State Secretary of Health, Sergio González Romero.

We have the report of 18 schools in which there have been cases, not all of them have been outbreaks, in some they have been isolated cases specifically in La Laguna we have 5 schools reported and of the 18 three have been closed, precisely by the authorities of the from the same schools,” detailed the director of Health Services.

Faced with such a situation, Luna Gualito urged both parents and school authorities to maintain the protocol that was established with the return to classrooms, which consists of three filters: the first at home, the second when arriving at the campus and the third, when entering to the classroom.

“The implementation of the protocols is very important, we already talked about the importance of strengthening preventive measures, here I want to place a lot of emphasis on the three filters that must be carried out: the first is at home, it is the most important, if we as parents detect that the child has symptoms or we have a positive case in the family, do not send him to school; the second filter would be the school entrance, where we as authorities only detect if the child has any symptoms; and that’s it the entrance to the room”, explained the owner.

The same call was made by the governor of Durango, José Rosas Aispuro Torres, to maintain the protocols and preventive measures.

“If we observe these protocols well, I am sure that we will be able to get out of this stage in which the number of infections is growing again throughout the country and Durango is no exception; we are well below the national average but obviously We have to continue doing our job to prevent this situation from getting out of control, which today is under control,” said the governor.

For his part, Luna Gualito recalled the numbers of the call center, in which any suspicious case can be reported in an educational establishment, work center or in the home itself. The numbers are 618-133-8163 and 618-127-7103.

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