Court reverses decision and decrees preventive detention for 3 released members of the Aragua Train

The Court of Appeals of Arica reversed this Saturday the determination of the local Guarantee Court, which on Friday had left three of the 17 members of the Aragua Train detained and formalized for various crimes without precautionary measures.

These are three defendants formalized for illicit association for drug trafficking and other crimes, on whom no precautionary measure had been decreed by the justice, after not accessing preventive detention, the most burdensome. The prosecution appealed verbally at the this day the court of appeal ruled.

After analyzing the arguments presented, the Court of Appeals ordered preventive detention, considering that his freedom constitutes a danger to the security of society.

It should be noted that despite the fact that initially the accused were left without precautionary measures, these remained detained awaiting the final decision on his eventual release, with a resolution now known.

A) Yes, of the 17 detainees, 16 remain deprived of liberty. The remaining person is a Chilean accused, who had already received precautionary measures, but less burdensome.

Operation against the Aragua Train

Various investigative proceedings established that the criminal cell called “Los Gallegos” -made up mostly of Venezuelan citizens- led the Cerro Chuño sector territorially, dedicating itself to crimes of drug trafficking, kidnapping, homicide, extortion, illegal trafficking of migrants for of sexual exploitation and robbery. Said fraction belongs to the organization called “Tren de Aragua”.

The investigation also determined that the organization maintained buildings in Cerro Chuño destined for the collection of drugs, weapons and explosives and that in the vicinity of the landfill they had set up a site to subject members of rival gangs to torture and also hide bodies of executed people underground. .

In the operation, 23 homes were raided, seizing 1 kilo 350 grams of cocaine hydrochloride, 426 grams of base paste and 34 kilos 887 grams of marijuana. In addition, 7,340,000 Chilean pesos and 2,357 dollars were found. In this context, the lifeless body of a man between 30 and 35 years of age was found, who was buried on a hill on the way to the landfill and meters from the site used to commit torture.

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