Cositorto was charged in Salta: what was the modus operandi of Generación Zoe?

The leader of Generation Zoe, Leonardo Cositortowas charged today, in Salta, along with four of his partners in this province, for repeated fraud and illicit association for 60 complaints investigated by the prosecutor of the Complex Economic Crimes Unit (UDEC), Ana Ines Salinas Odorisiobefore whom he declared and refused to answer questions.

Sources from the Salta Public Ministry reported that Salinas Odorisio provisionally charged Cositorto, Ricardo Gabriel Isaac Vilardel, Jorge Federico Villardel, Ana Lucia de los Angeles Vilardel Y Vilma Griselda Albornozas co-authors of the crimes of repeated fraud in 60 events and illicit association, in real competition.

The total sum of the damage caused, according to the complaints made, amounts to 3,901,700 pesos and 228,557.29 dollars.

During the hearing, Cositorto was assisted by a private attorney and, after learning of each of the complaints against him and listening to the indictment decree, he agreed to testify, although he did not want to answer questions.

The spokespersons highlighted that, throughout the more than two hours that the procedure lasted, the CEO of Generación Zoe claimed to be the victim of a smear campaign.

The modus operandi of Generation ZOE

During the investigation, from the UDEC they determined that the company’s modus operandi consisted of signing trust contracts -called educational or intelligent membership-, whose amount varied between 500 and 1,000 dollars.

In exchange for the investment, the finance company promised them a return of between 7.5% and 10% monthly and 120% annually, and the memberships were distinguished between Classic, Premium, and Intelligent, depending on the capital contributed and the a differential rate of return between them.

The day after paying the membership, the user was shown in his Zoe online profile, a capital increase of 20% as an educational bonus, that is, if a person invested 500 dollars, at 24 hours, it was on the platform he owned 600 dollars.

The initialed contract had a duration of three years, at which time the investor could only withdraw his capital.

Source: Telam

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